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The construction is used to say that we arrange for someone else to do something for us. It means заказать, нанять, пригласить кого-либо сделать что-либо. The Past Participle (done/repaired/cleaned, etc.) comes after the object.


Have + object + past participle

I have my coat cleanedevery month.

We had the roof repairedyesterday.

They are having the house paintedat the moment.

How often doyou have your car serviced?
She hasjust had her car cleaned.

Sometimes the model is used to say that something (often something not nice) happened to someone.

He hadall his money stolen.У него украли все его деньги.

George hadhis nose brokenin a fight. Джорджу разбили нос в драке.


Ex. 16. (A, B) Complete the situation using to have smth done.

1. Sue is at the hairdresser's at the moment. She...

2. Ann's watch has been broken, she took it to a jeweler’s. Now it is working Ann...

3. What are the workmen doing in your garden? Oh, I...

4. Can I see the holiday photographs you took? I'm afraid not, I...

Ex. 17. (В, С) Translate into English using the pattern to have smth done.


Model: 1) Я делаю прическу в парикмахерской каждую пятницу. I have my hair doneevery Friday.

2) Здесь вам почистят пальто за одни сутки.

Here you can have your coat cleanedovernight.

1. Вам надо отгладить и почистить костюм. 2. Мне надо сфотографироваться. 3. Здесь можно отдать в чистку плащ? 4. Вам не починят кран до понедельника. 5. Где вам шьют? 6. Где вам шили это платье? 7. У него украли документы в прошлом году. 8. Ей выкрасили кухню в светло-зеленый цвет. 9. Она сшила себе новое пальто. 10. Мне нужно сделать прическу.

II. Tell about your list of things, necessary to do.

Ex. 18. (A, B) Correct the mistakes in these sentences. Then answer the same question.

Imagine that you are organising a big office party. What do you need to get done / have done?
We'll publish our favourite four entries.

Keti, Georgia
In order the party to be really enjoyable and fascinating, the first thing I would do is to have the rooms duly cleaned and decorated. Secondly, will have the beverages delivered and put in the fridge to get cold! Finally, will have the karaoke installed to have even more fun.

Kamelia, Bulgaria
It must be really a sumptious party. I am going to have all the rooms cleaned up. I am going to have the shopping done. I will have all the drinks and food prepared when the guests arrive. Finally I will have my fashion clothes put on!

Lynette, Venezuela
I will have my office cleaned up. I'll have the walls painted and then decorated. Now 'furniture' have to be moved out in order to have free space to dance. The music will be played by DJ Marc. Food must be bringed in by assistants.

Julia, Russia
I am going to have my office cleaned up. I'll have the walls decorated and fridge stuffed with snacks. We'll get food delivered to 5 p.m. and everything should be done in time. There are several dirty spots on the floor, so make sure to have them wiped.


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