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Chapter 385

In the name of the Great Life!

All who inhale thy perfume and are crowned by thee
Sixty heinous sins will fall away from him.
And all pure spouses will be made perfect,
Delivered from evil actions.
(Those) who twine the wreaths and set them on our heads
Will arise without spot and behold the Place of Light.

(The ganzibra reciteth this prayer over the myrtle, inhaleth its fragrance and giveth it to the shganda (acolyte) to smell, and to the " blessers" and all persons present; then he throweth the myrtle into the jordan and (folds and) putteth away the banner. And (then) they " honour their crowns." )

[Note. -- Here D. C. 3 p. 328 has a colophon which begins: --]

These are the prayers for the pihtania (breads) and all the blessings of the Blessed Oblation which I copied for my brothers and parents so that there may be support and a guardian for us on earth and forgiving of sins before the Life, my Parents, in the worlds of light, so that they may be instructed therein. I am poor, lowly... etc.

[Note. -- Before No. 386D.C. 3 inserts:

Chapter 386

See Prayer No. 329.

[The rubric differs slightly, so I give it: ]

[This is a hymn for consecration of crowns on the Sunday when the ganzibra wishes to consecrate the cotton crowns for the priests. Wearing his vestments, with the (novice's) vestments and the crowns in his right hand and his staff in his left, he goes to the bank of the jordan, grasping the crowns which he wishes to consecrate together with his own in his right hand. Then, after performing ritual ablution in the jordan, he approaches the cult-hut and examines each (item) of the vestments, and recites the 'Salutation' at the Door of Mercies (i.e. facing North), to (as many) kings as he is able. After that he shall recite this hymn once over each crown. And Life is victorious! ]

Chapter 387

See Prayer No. 305.

Chapter 388

See Prayer No. 306.

Chapter 389

See Prayer No. 307.

Chapter 390

See Prayer No. 308.

Chapter 391

See Prayer No. 309.

Chapter 392

See Prayer No. 310.

Chapter 393

See Prayer No. 311.

[The ganzibra shall recite these seven hymns of the Great Shishlam when he placeth the crown on the postulant. And the priests shall recite these seven other hymns, and give their reponses.]

Chapter 394

See Prayer No. 312.

Chapter 395

See Prayer No. 313.

Chapter 396

See Prayer No. 314.

Chapter 397

See Prayer No. 315.

Chapter 398

See Prayer No. 316 and 317.

Chapter 399

See Prayer No. 318 and the rubric which follows it.

Chapter 400

See Prayer No. 319 and the rubric which follows it.

Chapter 401

See Prayer No. 320 and the rubric which follows it.

Chapter 402

See Prayer No. 321 and the rubric which follows it.

Chapter 403

See Prayer No. 322 and compare Prayer 386.

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