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Prayer of Yahia

In the Name of the Great Life!

Health, victory and forgiving of sins be there for me, Adam-Yuhana son of Mahnush, who have prayed this prayer and (these) Devotions. Forgiving of sins be there for a man whose eyes wait upon his Father and whose thought is directed to the Life and whose mind doth not stray from Knowledge-of-Life.

Poor am I who make this petition: a lowly man who hath kept aloof from the Seven. And I say " O Lord of the lofty firmament, (O) Being who accepteth request, receive my prayer and my praise here; guide it with Thy directing (power), grant me a place in Thy Place, give me a dwelling in Thy world. Do not question me about my sins and the burden which hath weighed down my soul in this world. Behold me, who have sought purification before Thee! Look on me, who have borne persecution for Thy name! End for me acts of violence, for I am Thy servant and Thy child. Now I humble myself and my children to Thy name, for I have been true to thy name, and speak (it) in my heart and talk (of it) in my mind. And I subdue my form and my loins, (O) Shihrialia shilia, superior to all glories, before the pure Light which is above all lights.

And I say, " O Lord of gleaming banners, Lord of mystic books, Lord of " Letters-of-Truth". Lord of prayer and praise, He who uplifteth the prayer of 'uthras and sponsors the praisegiving of kings, Support of prayerful thoughts! Let there be strength and constancy for all lovers of Thy name! Look upon me with Your eyes and pity me in Your heart! Support me with Your strength, clothe me with Your glory, cover me with Your light. Cut me not off from Yourself! And put far from me fear, dread and terror of the seven stars and the twelve constellations: deliver me from the hands of the wicked, and loosen my feet from the bonds of death. Cut me not off from Your presence. Arm me against all that is evil: be for me a bulwark against rebels and a Hand of Truth against the destructive powers of this world. Turn away, repulse from me insecurity (? ), poverty, ill-luck, lack of sleep and hours of agitation, an evil day and blows (onslaughts) which occur all the time. Be to me Life in life; give me to drink of freshly-flowing Water of Life. Set up for me a kana d-zidqa, a Table and good fortune so that they are fully supplied by Nasirutha. And my brethren will be with me and will provide (me with) a peaceful transplanting: my wife, my plants (children), and my priests shall accomplish it.

I shall depart and come towards You after a (ritually) perfect departure (death), with pure oil, and with the proven Sign; in ripeness of years, without feebleness, in a blessed old age, in my own home.

Look on the plants, marvel at the shualania (those entering the priesthood under tuition); then let there be with You a forgiver of sins for me, Adam-Yuhana son of Mahnush who have prayed this prayer and these " Devotions". Forgiveness of sins be there for me, for my father and mother, for my teacher, for my wife, for my offspring, for my priests and for all souls who arose at the name of Life and verified the sign of Manda-d-Hiia with pious and believing heart.

Yea, Life, verily Life, life with the victorious there shall be for those love Their name! They will not sever the holy union knit between living ones, with those who know the Life and believe in the Life, and with those who teach us the faith. And Life abideth in Its Dwellings and Life is victorious over all works!

And now (I ask) of Life, Your compassion, Your forgiveness, Your reconciliation and Your compassion, Yours, Great First Life! Pity, forgive, awake and have compassion upon this my soul, mine, Adam-Yuhana son of Mahnush who have prayed this prayer and these " Devotions". Let there be forgiveness of sins for me! (thrice); for me and for my father, my mother, my teacher, my wife and my wife and my plants (children) and my priests who have placed bread and (ritual) food (here), (and) you, my fathers, my teachers, my instructors and those who taught me the faith, when ye supported me from the Left to the Right. Forgiveness of sins be there for you! Life abideth in Its dwellings and Life is victorious over all works!

[This is a prayer (called) Yahia's Petition (" John's Prayer" ). Pray it in all your devotions.]

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