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I. Greeting.

Teacher: How are you today? How do you feel? Give your reasons.

Pupil 1: 1 feel happy. The weather is fine today. And you?

Pupil 2: 1 am fine. I'm with my friend. And you?

Pupil 3: 1 feel energetic.

Teacher: I'm proud of you. I'm happy that I have such good students and I'm sure our lesson will be successful and our work will be productive.

II. Introduction

Teacher: Now read the riddles and guess the theme of our lesson.

The field is white,

Black is the seed,

The man who sows it,

Is clever indeed.


Pupil: These friends are books.

Teacher: Right you are. A book is a main source of knowledge. It is impossible to imagine our life without books. They play an important role in educating, upbringing and help us to get useful information. Where can we get books?

Pupil 1: In the bookstores.

Pupil 2: At the markets.

Pupil 3: In the libraries.

Teacher: So the theme of our lesson is "At the school library". At the lesson we are going to revise the words learned earlier, to improve your reading, listening and speaking skills.

III. Main part.

1. SpeakingDiscuss questions:

• Do you like reading books? What kind of books do you read most often?

• Do you have a favourite writer? Who is he/she?

• Do you have many books at home? Have you read all of them? What is the most useful book in your home library?

• What books should be kept in every home?

• Do you ever borrow books from the libraries? What libraries are they? What kinds of books do you usually take?

• Do you know what an e-book is? What is an audiobook? Do you think people will read paper books in the future? Will there be libraries in the future?


2.1. Pre –listening activity.

Do you go to the libraries?

Why do we need libraries?

When did you go to the library for the last time?


You’ll listen to about libraries. Be very attentive. After listening you’ll have to do the task.


2.2. Listening

Listen to the text “At the Library”


We like reading. There are a lot of books in our country. But we can’t buy all the books which we like, that’s why we go to the library. Libraries are very important in the life of people.

It is the library. You can go there if you want to take out a book and read it at home or if you want to read the books at the library.

What is the library? It is a big, light room. There are many bookcases and bookshelves with a lot of books on them.

You can see novels, poems, plays, books on history, geography, and arts at the library. Adventure books are very popular. You can see a reading room on the right with many tables and chairs where you can read books, newspapers, and magazines. You can find millions of books by the greatest writers and poets well-known all over the world.

Pupils go to the library to read books, to look through some new magazines and to prepare for their reports. The librarian helps the pupils to find the books they need. Many teachers go to the school library, too. Sometimes the teachers prepare for the lessons at the school library.

I think it is difficult to live without libraries.


2.3. Post-listening activity

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